Zazzy, the leading custom jewelry platform, launches a new marketplace that lets anyone design and sell 3D printed jewelry.

Zazzy launched today the new 3D printed jewelry marketplace, an online commerce platform that empowers users to design and sell 3D printed jewelry without overheads, investment or design experience. The digital platform is created by the leading custom jewelry company Zazzy, which has seen more than 60,000 users design their own necklaces, rings or bracelets.

Zazzy aims to encourage creatives from all fields to turn their ideas and designs into saleable, wearable, 3D printed jewellery. Entrepreneurs familiar with campaign-based e-commerce will recognise the potential to turn one clever, topical or otherwise creative idea into a profitable product, without dealing with production, packaging or logistics. Bloggers will monetize their reach, designers will engage with a new medium and expand their portfolios, charity fundraisers will control their own designs and profit margins, storytellers, tastemakers, marketers and masters of memes will create unique and topical pieces to sell to their followers instantly.

Zazzy provide the software needed, look after the 3D printing in a choice of materials and hand-finish and ship the jewellery to the buyer.

“With the maker movement jumping on 3D printing by building awesome proof-of-concepts, there has been little focus on enabling digital creatives to make beautiful things,” says Martijn van der Veen, Zazzy CTO. “We're speeding things up. Our newly launched Sketch Editor allows any creative to upload drawings or icons, and see them transformed into a piece of jewellery instantly. We’re cutting 3D modelling and production out of the 3D printing equation, so anyone can start a jewellery brand over a cup of coffee.”

“We’ve removed the traditional barriers that entrepreneurs and creatives alike encounter when attempting to launch a new product,” says Gert Jan Spriensma, Zazzy CEO. “Anyone with an idea or an audience can monetize it on our platform, without financial or time investment. Our platform will help people who don’t want to physically make something to design high-quality jewelry and shoot for a share of the 5Bn market of online jewelry sales in the US”  

About Zazzy

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Zazzy was launched in 2013 with a view to utilising 3D printing to encourage creativity in the digital age. Allowing customers design and customize their own jewellery, Zazzy’s use of professional 3D printers and self-built software ensures that every design produces a high-quality piece of jewellery in a host of materials including sterling silver, stainless steel and nylon. Having closed deals with some of The Netherland’s and Europe’s largest retailers and employing 10 people, Zazzy is determined to allow everyone enjoy the benefits of 3D printing, no matter their skill set, experience or tech-savviness. With more than 60,000 active users creating more than 200,000 designs, Zazzy’s growth since its launch in 2013 has been remarkable. Zazzy is backed by a group of prominent angels that founded companies like eBuddy, Freedom of Creation (acquired by 3D Systems), Hyves and Vakantieveilingen and participated in Rockstart Accelerator.

For more information, contact Niamh O’Dea. +31 685 641410.

About Zazzy

Zazzy ( makes it easy and fun for anyone to access and create unique 3D printed jewelry using the best 3D printing technology and printers available. Founded in 2013 by Gert-Jan Spriensma and Martijn van der Veen, Zazzy's core mission is to enable and build a co-creation marketplace, where everybody can design, share and make their designs real and wearable. Zazzy is a privately held company based in Amsterdam and backed by Rockstart. Visit us on Pinterest, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or learn more at