Zazzy’s new web-based platform set to democratize jewelry design for everyone...forever!

Amsterdam, April 2015; 3D printed jewelry experts, Zazzy, have officially launched a new platform that allows fashionistas, bloggers, students, and creatives to design their own jewelry, create their own brand and sell to their online audience, for free.

In 2013, Zazzy set out to democratize design with their highly customizable jewelry collections which were incomplete until shoppers personalized the pieces. Breaking the rigid and expensive rules of jewelry production, Zazzy uses cutting-edge 3D printers to create silver, gold-plated and nylon accessories. Zazzy’s pioneering customer-as-designer process for jewelry manufacturing has been covered by fashion and tech heavy-hitters such as Grazia, InStyle, Glamour, and Bright.

This month, Zazzy’s ambition to engage everyone in the design process is taking an exciting turn with the unveiling of a new marketplace, The platform invites users to design their own jewelry with Zazzy’s innovative technology and sell it to their social media followers. The marketplace is a one-stop shop for unique, trendy, and high-quality jewelry, designed by exciting, international talent.

“Bringing concepts to reality has always been the biggest hurdle for burgeoning design talent to overcome, we’ve democratized the whole process. Whether you have an audience of 10 or 10,000, you can create something beautiful, with little to no tech skills, and sell it immediately without any investment, overheads or logistics to worry about,” says Gert-Jan Spriensma, Zazzy CEO. “This is a whole new era for creatives and fashion-lovers who want to create a brand, a message or simply a beautiful product.”

From design to launch, the process takes four steps, with many super-users able to create a sales campaign in less than two minutes. Designers can use the platform tools without leaving their browsers, or simply upload a sketch or image, to design their piece. The materials, finish and size are editable. They set their own profit margins and share finished designs with their friends, family, and followers. Their designs are also featured in Zazzy’s new marketplace; a hotbed of creativity where emerging trends and burgeoning creative talent can be unearthed by design-hungry shoppers.

For more information, contact Niamh O’Dea. +31 685 641410.


We’re changing the jewelry landscape.

- We let our designers set their own prices, meaning a fair fee for them and a fair price for their customers. These days, a piece of jewelry you buy in stores is sold for, on average, 13 times more than production costs.

- We’ve proven that mass-customization, produced ethically, is possible and scalable, having partnered with and supplied some of The Netherlands’ largest retailers.

- We’ve seen more than 60,000 people create more than 200,000 designs on We believe people's’ hunger for unique design, digital creativity, and customization is ever-increasing.

About Zazzy

Zazzy ( makes it easy and fun for anyone to access and create unique 3D printed jewelry using the best 3D printing technology and printers available. Founded in 2013 by Gert-Jan Spriensma and Martijn van der Veen, Zazzy's core mission is to enable and build a co-creation marketplace, where everybody can design, share and make their designs real and wearable. Zazzy is a privately held company based in Amsterdam and backed by Rockstart. Visit us on Pinterest, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or learn more at