A Modern Romance for Valentine's Day with Zazzy.

Make it crazy, custom, cool this year with 3D printed jewelry designed just for them from Zazzy.

It's the thought that counts...so make it thoughtful with Zazzy. We allow our customers to design, customize and personalize our jewelry until they've created something unique that their Valentines will truly love. 

After they have designed their special piece of jewelry and chosen their precious, semi-precious or not-so-precious metals, we custom 3D print it, hand finish it in our studio in Amsterdam and ship it anywhere in the world. Custom jewelry has never been this cool. Read on for some suggestions for a very modern Valentine's gift. 

The Whisper Pendants, €70. 

Simply type your special word, name or symbols, choose your precious metal then turn it into a tiny 3D printed word pendant. Whisper your sweet nothings!

Geometric Origami pendant, €39.95. 

Start with a straight line, move it, add to it, edit it and repeat until you've created something truly unique and personal.  A gift made with heart. 

Personalized Totum bar pendants, €80.

Remember the time...? Turn your special date into a precious pendant she can wear always. Choose a date for the back and an initial or symbol for the front to make it special. 

Custom cuff links, €70. 

Choose from over 65,000 icons from The Noun Project's library to design a set of cuff links he'll actually want to wear. Also available in sterling silver and gold-plated brass. 

Lyric Pendants, €27.50. 

Turn your special song, quotes or words into a sweet statement necklace by simply typing your words, choosing your font and picking your metal. 

Custom Blackout Ring, €40.

Create a band with words and symbols that both of you can wear. The chunky Blackout rings allow you turn your special words into stacking rings in gold-plated or blackened steel. 

For more information, imagery or sample requests, contact Niamh at niamh@zazzy.me. 

About Zazzy

Zazzy (http://www.zazzy.me) makes it easy and fun for anyone to access and create unique 3D printed jewelry using the best 3D printing technology and printers available. Founded in 2013 by Gert-Jan Spriensma and Martijn van der Veen, Zazzy's core mission is to enable and build a co-creation marketplace, where everybody can design, share and make their designs real and wearable. Zazzy is a privately held company based in Amsterdam and backed by Rockstart. Visit us on Pinterest, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or learn more at http://www.zazzy.me