The Custom Jewelry Gift List.

Don't just buy your gifts, design them with Zazzy.

Gift-giving gets a high-tech edge when shopping from Each piece of jewelry is easily customized or designed by the shopper and 3D printed in a choice of precious and not-so-precious metals. From simple text bracelets to linear pendants, designing a unique gift your loved-ones won't forget has never been easier.  

Visit to view the collections. For more information, sample requests or high-res imagery, please contact 

About Zazzy

Zazzy ( makes it easy and fun for anyone to access and create unique 3D printed jewelry using the best 3D printing technology and printers available. Founded in 2013 by Gert-Jan Spriensma and Martijn van der Veen, Zazzy's core mission is to enable and build a co-creation marketplace, where everybody can design, share and make their designs real and wearable. Zazzy is a privately held company based in Amsterdam and backed by Rockstart. Visit us on Pinterest, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or learn more at